Membership fees are £20.00 per year and you may attend all six talks in the year.

Guests can attend individual lectures for a fee of £5.00.

All fees can be paid by bank transfer this year

In order to produce our programme, we shall need to continue to incur expenditure. Our continued financial viability will need us to charge fees to members and guests. Membership fees will be £20.00 per annum and £5.00 a meeting for guests.

Our Treasurer has set up arrangements for payment by bank transfer. The details are:

National Westminster Bank plc

Sort Code 60-20-29

Account Number 82500231

Type of account Business Account

Name of the account will probably come up as Warrington Literary Society (probably because our full title is too long)

(the name in full is required, using the ampersand and not the word ‘and’)

Please put your name on the bank transfer payment

Subscription £20.00 per person, or £5.00 per meeting for guests

Please can members send an email to Membership after they have paid so that we do not have to wait for the bank statements to arrive to know who has paid and who is pending as we do not yet have internet access to the account.

Anyone without internet banking access can pay by cash or cheque at any of the talks.