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Our series of lectures aim to provide stimulating talks and discussions on matters of science, art, history, politics, music, literature etc. Speakers are eminent in their field and speak for 45 minutes to an hour followed by a lively question time. The meetings finish by 9.30 p.m.



Monday October 2 2017: - Experiments in Philosophy


Mick Dean President Warrington Lit and Phil


[This will be a brief introduction to the subject of Experimental Philosophy, a very recent and exciting development in the subject of philosophy.  The talk will cover some aspects of the thinking behind the subject and the methods employed.  Concentrating on ethics, morality and moral responsibility the meeting will include some audience participation.  No expertise required - it's all intuitive!]


Monday November 6 2017: - Bog Bodies


    Dr Melanie Giles Manchester University 


[The speaker will examine how these compelling Iron Age and early Roman relics enable us to encounter - face-to-face - people from our ancient past.  They and those who brought about their deaths evidently had beliefs and understandings about the world very different from ours, and the speaker will discuss new evidence and different ideas relating to one of the most local examples: Worsley Man.] 


 Monday December 4 2017: - Excavating Engels


   Dr Mike Nevell Salford University


[The speaker will use recently uncovered archaeological evidence about Manchester’s historical slums to see if it can throw useful light on what Victorian social commentators said about problems of over-crowding, immigration, poor construction, poor ventilation, disease and sanitation.]


 Monday February 5 2018: - (subject to final confirmation)


 The Golden Age of Murder


 Martin Edwards


[The speaker is a locally-based lawyer who has earned distinction in every field of crime fiction.  He is currently Chairman of the Crime Writers’ Association and President of the Detection Club.  He will discuss the crime fiction of the golden age between the wars, not cosy escapist cliché as some claim, but a substantial body of literature, a transmutation of real criminal cases, of the stresses in the authors’ lives and an urge to come to terms with the senseless carnage of the trenches.]


 Monday March 5 2018: -


Slow Boat Cargo


Liz McIvor, the well-known historian of Britain’s canal development, will examine the ways cargoes were moved by land and water before the canal boom and the 18th Century “Amazon effect.”  She will explain the large-scale engineering projects in the industrial period for long distance haulage by waterways, and comment on the post-industrial use of this heritage.” 

 Monday April 9: - Bridges


      Alan Segrott Mersey Gateway


[Alan Segrott CEng MICE is MERSEYLINK Ltd’s Lead Bridge Engineer. He will speak about the history of bridge design & construction before focusing on the Mersey Gateway Bridge. Here he will describe the technical challenges involved, including route selection through to the final construction activity. Special emphasis will be given to explaining the construction process and the technology used to build this landmark piece of highway infrastructure.]

























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