Picture of book next to a notebook computer with text Welcome to Warrington Lit. and Phil.

Welcome to Warrington Lit and Phil.

Six times every year we hold stimulating lectures followed by a lively question and answer session on a variety of topics including science, art, history, politics, music and literature.

You are welcome to join us either as a member for the year or as a guest for an individual talk.

Our meetings start at 7.30 p.m. on the first Mondays in October, November, December, February, March and April at Friars Green Independent Methodist Church Hall. Visit our events page to find out more.

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October 1st 2018 at 7.30 p.m.


Dr Dave Southall   Retired lecturer in Electronic Engineering  MMU


Technological dead ends: ideas that have gone nowhere


So many mind-blowing ideas and inventions have never been widely embraced by Society! Perhaps we might have enjoyed more of the magic of Man’s inventive prowess had at least some of these logic-defying ideas been more fervently pursued. Dr Southall takes a sideways look at the wonders of the improbable.

Venue: Friars Green Methodist Church Cairo Street, Warrington WA1 1EE






















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